Northern Industrial Project

September 10th, 2014  |  Published in blog, News, Press, Projects, Showcase

northern industrial project MADE NORTH

Northern Industrial Project

The Northern Industrial project explores creating a range of affordable objects, furniture and fashion that convey a sense of northern-ness from the north of England. This can be through choice of materials or way of manufacture. We want the whole collection from design to manufacture to be MADE in the NORTH from start to finish. The first collection of from the Northern Industrial project will be called ‘ New Tradition’.

Patrick Murphy from MADE NORTH explains: “This is about trying to make the provenance, industry, personality and craft of northern design and manufacture explicit in the product. It presents a challenge to northern designer/makers to create concepts and prototypes for a new collection of furniture and everyday items and objects, including fashion. This first collection will be called ‘Tradition’.

New Tradition Collection – Goals
We are looking to establish a collection of 10 pieces of furniture, objects and fashion that  we would take to a prototype stage and then subsequently tour and promote at major design festivals. We would like to see explorations of a northern identity through objects, furniture and fashion; also considerations of sustainability, up-cycling, future use and promoting a return to local/regional production. At the heart of the project is a desire to have products designed, made and purchased in close proximity, promoting and creating new networks and markets for designers and local manufacturers.

The items in the collection should be ‘useful’ and commercially viable, eg:, seating, tables, lights, shelves, accessories , clothing, etc.

Northern Aesthetic
Can the north of England create/develop a geographical design style similar to regionalised styles of Swedish, Danish design, is there a ‘northern’ English aesthetic? We believe there is and MADE NORTH through the Northern Industrial project sets out to find, encourage and promote it !

Both the Danish and Swedish design styles developed in 20th century using new industrial technologies, combined with ideas of simplicity and functionalism in the design of household objects furniture and buildings.

We would like the TRADITION Collection to contain beautiful and functional everyday objects that are also affordable. Creating work that resonates the qualities of a region and contemporary design by northern based designers.


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